Tethex has been refined over the years to enhance performance and flexibility (it can be derived from a range of feedstocks, including corn, potato and pea starch), and to achieve industrial scale at a competitive price. Tethex applications include baby diapers, feminine hygiene pads, packaging, and agricultural commodities, and its presence increases compostability and reduces the carbon footprint of products.

A History of Ingenuity

…pilot development facility to scale the industrial production process. Now operational, the facility is producing small quantities of absorbents for phased trials and continued R&D in partnership with manufacturers nationwide, with a timeline in place to scale operations after trial phases are complete.

Meeting Demand

The U.S. alone consumes an estimated 27.4 billion disposable diapers per year, and alternatives such as cloth diapers have not been widely embraced by consumers. With consumption of single-use hygiene products ballooning, reducing their impact on the planet is among the most pressing environmental issues of our time.

For years, existing manufacturing methods had limited success in providing natural, biodegradable solutions to this problem. The new methods employed by Tethis have demonstrated a radical improvement in performance, representing an exciting step forward.