Sustainable Superabsorbents

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Charge-Modified Starches

Anionic, cationic, amphoteric starches for industrial and consumer applications * * * More Info

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With each passing year, hundreds of millions of tons of petrochemical-derived products are added to the world’s landscapes and oceans; most do not readily biodegrade and often cannot be effectively recycled. Of these products, single-use personal hygiene items such as diapers and sanitary napkins are among the most problematic because demand for them is so high (and growing as developing economies accelerate consumption).

Tethis is revolutionizing the personal hygiene market by offering biodegradable, super-absorbing hydrogels that manufacturers can use to complement or replace existing petrochemical-based absorbents. Created from celluloses like wood pulp or starches derived from corn, tapioca, peas, and other plants, Tethis absorbents biodegrade and are predominantly comprised of carbon derived from plants.